Top 10 Refer and Earn Money: Best Refer and Earn App

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Best Refer and Earn App

Refer and earn money apps are one of the most suitable for the generation of passive income across various services like shopping, finance or online earning. If you have a family of friends who are as digital as you are then it’s a big Thumbs up to earn money from refer and earn apps which would also be an excellent opportunity. Therefore if you are looking away to earn extra cash then we are here to help you with these apps

We have brought you the best refer and earn apps in this list that help you generate a good amount. Though it is completely dependent on how the app works and its terms and conditions, you can definitely pick the best one suitable for your choice. 

Let’s see how refer and earn money apps are the best for generating passive income: 

  1. Low In Effort, High In Reward: Refer and earn app usually don’t require maximum effort from the users and as when you sign up it automatically creates and gives you a link which you can just share with your friends and on the exciting surprise. 
  2. Scalability: This kind of app usually comes with the scalability inbuilt as you yourself are marketing it. Once you refer, your earning increases exponentially without giving effort and time. 
  3. No Investment: it’s the nicest and decent way to generate a passive income as you can just refer to it by sitting on your couch and downloading it on your phone and on the referral points or cash. 
  4. Flexibility: These kinds of referral Apps come with a lot of flexibility as it lets you operate from wherever and however you can. The referral linka can also be shared on social media accounts or other channels and helps you make the best fit as per your schedule. 
  5. Passive Nature: once you have referred the app to the user they will start using the service or the app henceforth the income becomes passive and you continue to earn the commission as much referral is made. 

List Of Top 10 Refer and Earn Apps in India

Here are the list of top 10 refer and earn money apps:  

1. Phomo Quiz App

Phomo Quiz App

Phomo is an online quiz app that let’s you play quizzes and earn rewards in terms of play or reward coins or cash prices. You can refer the former app to your friends and family and earn 300 play coins from the same. This 300 play coin will help you in playing the four different kind of quizzes that is available on the Phomo App by playing which you may be getting some exciting rewards and cash prices that will be a greater part of your passive income. 

2. Paytm Money

Paytm Money

One more Financial Service app that has made a great part of the Paytm ecosystem which let’s you invest and manage. The paytm’s money refer and program includes the opening of a demat account where you get rupees 300 for the successful referral with your friends and family. Just go to refer and earn section in the Paytm Money app where you will be able to share the unique referral code through the social media platform to your friends and family and you will be notified when the rewards will be credited in your Paytm wallet which usually takes around 7 days. 

3. Upstox


Upstox is vividly popular as it is in brokerage form that is based in India and offers the trading services like currency derivatives commodities and stocks it is usually preferable for the investor who are having digital tools to analyze and trade in a range of all the investment option by paying just a minimal fees of brokerage. 

If you are preferable in trading you need to open the Demat account first and begin the trading on the platform for each successful referral. When you get into the upstox account using the link of referral you earn between 500 to 1200 rupees which clearly depends on the ongoing offer and that time. 

There is a limitation of 10 successful referral per month. You just need to open your Upstox app or login there with a website and access the section of reward where you will find the unique referral code and share it with your friends and family. 

4. Phonepe


Phone pe is also one of the most prominent digital payment app that enables financial transactions and provides services to the user for making mobile recharge, bill payment, online transactions through the UPI mode. 

Phone pe referral stands around 100 to 1000 rupees and the exact pricing is not revealed as it is usually received in the terms of surprise rewards or scratch cards. To avail the refer program you need to sign up the phonepe app and complete the upi transaction in the cycle of 5 days. Five refrals in a month is permitted and for this you just need to open the phonepe app and tap on the refer section where you will receive the referral code, you just have to share that referral code with your friend and as he makes the his first transaction you both will be receiving the reward. 

5. Google Pay

Google Pay

The online system of payment is developed by Google that lets the user make transactions of payment, transfer the money and manage every detailed finances across the platform and device. 

The google pay was launched in the year 2017 and has received more than 100 crore downloads. With the rating of approx 5, it is available for the ios and android. There is also a refer and earn availability where you can earn up to rupees 300 for the successful referral which is readily available once you set up your Google pay account and complete the first payment. 

There is also a limitation put on referral but that is enough as each user can refer up to 100 people in one financial year. For understanding the referral process you just need to open the Google Pay app and go to the payment section where you can scroll down and click on the invite friend option and share the link with your friend and as your friend will make his first transaction you both will be receiving the rewards. 



An Indian company which gives you a reward for paying the bills of credit card and using this app for any other money related services. You can also earn up to Rs 1000 for a successful referral which totally depends on the bill that your friend is paying for his credit card within the first month of joining. 

You just need to navigate the app with the reference and share the referral with your friends and family or in any other community. Whenever the payment is made by your link you both will be receiving rewards and the best part is there is no limitation on how many people you may refer in a month. 

7. ySense


If you are looking forward to making money through survey,  tasks on the internet then this is going to be the best option for you. It is an easy way to earn money by referring this app to your friend and family as it will help you on rupees 10 to 25 on every friend who signs up with your referral link. Additionally you can also make rupees 170 extra when your friend makes their first Ysense transaction of Rs 400.

8. Groww


One such Investment Program which is quite prevalent these days if you are an investor in stock or mutual fund as it completely simplifies the process and makes it more convenient to access. It also comes as an easy way to make money and is a well known platform that helps you on 25 per referral with whoever friends who sign up with your link and complete their KYC process. 

Groww also comes with many exciting benefits that helps you earn money at a later stage when your friend makes the first action on the app within 30 days which will help you on more 5000 to 10000 Rupees as per the investment or the mutual fund that has been chosen by him to invest on. 

9. Zerodha


It is also one of the prominent Financial Service Company which offers transactions with a low brokerage cost and gives you a service of mutual fund commodities and stock trading. 

Its referral program helps the client to earn rewards who opens and starts a trading account. It is a good way of earning a long term passive income as you will be earning 10% of the fees from the brokerage that is generated by your referred friend every month. The best part here is there has been no limitation on as much as referral you may do. 

10. Meesho


Meesho is a E-Commerce platform that helps you to start your small business with a very minimal investment. It also helps you to start your business online through WhatsApp, Instagram or other social media handles as the discount it gives and the referral program it runs is quite exciting. 

The customer referral program of my show helps to earn a Commission on every purchase made by the customer who is being referred. It gives the opportunity to earn a commission of about 25% for each successful referral when the first purchase on meesho has been made through the link. The best part is there has been no referral limitations kept here and you just need to open meesho and go to the share where you can choose the product you want to promote and when your friends or family make a first purchase you will be receiving the commission as per the value of the order. 


If you are looking for a best refer and earn app the above list is definitely going to help you. This kind of app requires slow effort and investment and comes up with multiple options to scale your revenue. You can refer apps like Paytm money, upstox, phonepe Google pay or CRED to earn potentially. These app does not come up with strict rule that cannot be opened. These are easy to use and convenient to access.