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Daily Earn Money App

Phomo is one such quiz application that lets you play quiz, win cash, acting as a daily earn money app in India. It’s goal is to ensure a sustainable future through quiz building and recognition of your talent by rewarding it through free quiz, premium quiz and live quiz. It aims to educate and entertain at the same time and reward the coin based on rank and pay you a gift as a bonus. Players can also win cash prizes up to 1 lakh in a week by playing multiple maha quiz and live quiz in different categories. 

Can I Earn Money Doing Online Quizzes

Earning money through an online quiz app can come as a great source of additional income however the opportunities might be competitive and the payouts may vary but it lets you explore through the knowledge that you carry and offer the reward for the same. 

Online quizzes come with various responsibilities that not only help you earn something but also give you knowledge in exchange. Phomo is one such daily earn money app that lets you win money by performing well in the quizzes. With this quiz app you get the opportunity to play four different kind of quizzes that is the free quiz, Maha quiz, live quiz, and the competitive exam quiz. All the quizzes have four different parameters of the game where the free quiz can be played at any point of time the Maha quiz and live quiz is held at a given time. By answering the correct question you get to win up to 10000 INR as per the terms and condition of this app. 

Most Effective Daily Earning Apps without Investment

Most effective Daily Earning Apps without Investment1. Pawns App

Surveys are one additional source of income that can be a powerful source for earning cash or real money. With pawns you just need to share your insights on various ongoing matters or trends like fashion, car Industries or any other political matter which can lead you to win rewards. You can also share internet access with the users on the platform for receiving the gift cards.

2. Phomo App

Phomo is an app that has a goal to build a sustainable future bringing out knowledgeable quizzes that have recognition of your talent. It has various kinds of curated quizzes which includes free, live and premium quizzes where you get education and entertainment at the same time. With every answer you are rewarded coins and it lets you win real cash as well in a week by playing Maha quiz games from different categories that can be from fun, prediction, movie, news, competitive exam etc. You can download phomo quiz app and play now!

3. Shopkick

Cashbacks are one other medium that leads you to real price and free rewards. Shopkick is a kind of cashback application which lets you on point for completing the task assigned. 

4. Monetha

It is a cashback app that lets you save up to 60% on your purchase. Even when you are not involved in shopping it lets you on to the paid surveys and the other activities present on the application.

5. SweatCoin

It is a kind of free mobile app which rewards the user for the physical activities performed outdoors. The more you sweat the more you earn. It uses GPS to track the outdoor stepping and then convert it into virtual currency. 

6. Meesho

If you are looking for a medium of warning through the selling of a physical product, a show could be a great option. It is an Indian based shopping app that is full of different product varieties which are a part of day to day life. Footwear, home decor, kitchen, clothes, groceries are a part of it. You have to promote the product among your friends and family and after taking the order from the consumer the application handles the shipment and handling to you. 

7. Fiverr

If you are a freelancer then fiverr can be the best platform as it offers more than 200+ services such as graphic designing, video editing, digital marketing, content writing and many more. You need to create your profile and then post the description henceforth you will be assigned gigs based on the services you offer and then you can charge higher rates for its completion. 

8. Offer Up

If you are seeking to sell your item in a local market offer up can be a solution. Decide a price, post a description and thereafter you may chat with the buyers and charge as per your decision. 

9. Upwork

It is also a platform where you can work as a freelancer in various fields like copywriting, advertising or systematic planning. You have to create a profile and showcase your qualification including the work experience, Course, your availability and the customer after reviewing your entire detail will hire you for the project and it can be proved as a medium of earning. 

Fast and Safest Money Earning App without Investment

There are many daily earn money app in India which can be proved as the fastest and safest application for earning money. Upwork, fiverr, Meesho, offer up, shop kick, Sweatcoin are such applications mentioned above that can help you earn money online. Additionally phomo quiz app is one such application that can be proved as a safest and fastest money earning app that has no investment involved. For more you can earn real money by playing different quizzes. It not only gives an opportunity of winning money but also prepares you well and educates you for the competitive exams if you are a student. Therefore you just need to showcase your knowledge and earn. 

Types of Money Earning Apps

Types of Money Earning AppsThere are various money-earning apps available that can be your one stop solution if you are looking forward to mobile earning apps, with some of the most popular types being:

Task-Based Apps: Make use of your voice and earn money by completing simple tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, or shopping online. 

Gaming Apps: Gaming apps are one of the most  important apps that lets you play games and Make money by playing games and winning on these apps.

Cashback Apps: There are many online shopping Or transaction app that provides you a particular amount on usage of the facility or service they provide. You may shop online through these apps and earn a percentage of the purchase price back in cash or points.

Referral Apps: You may earn money by referring the app to your friends and family and on every referral you get to earn some money or reward. You get a commission when they sign up. 

Freelancing Apps: Find freelance work that deals in writing, design, development, marketing, and other fields through these apps and start making money. 

How do I Make Money Online?

How do I Make Money OnlineIn a digital landscape like today, things are pretty much accessible on your fingertip, if you have any skill to showcase. The same goes for daily earning mobile app and making money at regular intervals through online as well. There are many ways in which you can earn money online, but you have to give it some time.

Blogger:  You can be a blogger. You can make use of the internet and start your blogging platform free of cost with whatever niche you want and start writing. It lets you earn money through the ads or through affiliate marketing or sponsorship that flashes on the blogging site. 

YouTube: This is one of the biggest digital platforms to show your passion and earn money through it. You can be a fulltime content creator on youtube or can also use it as a medium for your additional income source. Although the rule of YouTube is strict nowadays, it turns out to be one of the best platforms to earn money as well as to be famous. 

Facebook Pages: The social media pages on facebook also lets you generate a greater source of income. Yes, you can earn through FB pages through AdSense, sponsorship and through affiliate marketing. The same goes for instagram pages as well , you just have to make attractive content and greater connectivity. 

You can work as a freelancer:  There are many sites which can assign you work as a freelancer.For eg. Upwork, fiverr and many such. You can earn a lot of money through it.

If you are a photographer, then you can sell your photographs to many sites, such as shutter stock. If you are a writer or a teacher you may choose a writing or tutoring platform and work as a freelancer on the same. There are many such daily earn mobile apps that celebrate your skill . 

Data Entry Job: You can search for home basis data entry jobs online and be one of them. You just have to dedicate a specified amount of time and hurray, the job is yours. 

Why Should I Use It?

There are several benefits of using online daily earning apps. It not only provides you the flexibility of working but also gives you immense opportunities where you can showcase your talent, skill, interest and earn money. These applications also have a widespread availability on your device and have the global reach that transcend geographical boundaries. These apps also act as an additional source of income and supplement your existing one making you financially stable and sound. 

The online earning apps are also cost effective and offer lower initial cost compared to some other kind of traditional business. They are free to join and have no financial barrier. They also allow the individuals to have a better management of their work life as it demands a lesser time. 


Daily earn money app offers opportunities to earn money on a daily basis. Engaging in online earning activities can be a means of development of new skill whether it is writing, programming, graphic designing, social media marketing or any other skills. There are many specified mediums through which you can earn. Phomo is one such quiz application that lets you earn real cash without any Investment. You just need to sign up on the Phomo quiz app and give answers to the quiz questions and get rewarded in return. 

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