GK Questions for All Competitive Examinations 2024

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GK Questions for All Competitive Examinations

GK questions for all competitive exams that cover the topic related to current affairs which includes different subjects like history, geography, Science and Technology culture, politics, economics and so on. General knowledge is very crucial for any of the competitive exams as it helps ttest the candidates knowledge and the adaptability power. Therefore you need to stay informed and updated with the current and the static event that happens or has happened in time. Phomo quiz applications cover different topic like entertainment, Sports, Academics, Awards, recognition and so on. Let’s understand the importance more vividly. 

Importance of General Knowledge

Importance of General KnowledgeGeneral knowledge is one such essential aspect of study and competitive exams these days that you really need to crack off and there is no skip to this. No matter which competitive exam you’re preparing for, you will always see your growth if you are strong. Phomo is one such quiz application which covers subjects from different perspective like history, geography, politics, economy, Science, Technology and entertainment. As an informed citizen you need to be prepared for the different aspects that GK covers to crack your job interview, assignment project or any government exam that you are giving. Staying up to date is very important as it helps to develop you as a person so that you can engage in the various discussions that are being held for progress. 

What type of GK is asked in Competitive Exams?

GK is something that is not enclosed rather it’s dynamic that doesn’t have a limitation but there are two kinds of GK that is usually asked in competitive exams where one is the static GK and other is the current affairs that keeps on changing. 

Static GK Syllabus for Competitive Exams

Starting GK refers to that category of knowledge which remains constant and does not change in any interval; it is usually the information, data and fact which is related to different spheres of study. History is one such significant aspect of this which is covered in this part that includes the Civilization, important Revolution and freedom movements, facts about leaders, treaties held dynasties and other historical events. It also includes the history about various countries and their development of geography. 

You should not be only informed about a historical and their political development, rather there are different arenas like sports, music, science and technology, governance and economy that also are tested when your static GK is made. Therefore, whoever is the aspirant needs to have a strong understanding of the various topics to excel in the exams. 

Current Affairs GK Syllabus for Competitive Exams

Current affairs are the information which are very recent and change as per the developments. These are very significant at the time of examination and unlike the static GK it changes as per the recent happenings. Information such as national and international news, economic updates, Science and Technology advancement, awards and Honour, important summits and the conferences held, Sports news, environment and Ecology, health update, social and cultural event, environmental Ecology comes under this purview. 

Competitive exam includes questions related to the current affair that examines the candidate and checks their recent awareness and the ability to analyze the happenings of the world. Therefore it is very important to stay updated with the latest news and with the various domains that are essential for the exam. 

Questions with Answers 2024 – India GK

GK for Indians has a wide range that helps you understand the facts and information which is related to the country India. Therefore it covers various aspects of history, geography, economy and other cultural purview. It proves to be a valuable asset that helps you to crack various exams and here you need to be informed about the various details of India and its capital. 

Competitive Exams – Current GK

Current GK is all about what is going on in the world as of now. It includes news related to political science, literature and all the important events that have happened in recent times. By playing updated quizzes and reading about it helps you bundle up your knowledge for this. Phomo is one such quiz application that comes up with a variety of quizzes related to current affairs and static GK which will help you to mug up everything. 

Competitive Examinations – Computers GK

More or less the world has become digital. Therefore computer GK plays a key aspect in every exam and you need to have a basic knowledge of it to crack anything that’s coming. Encompassing a wide range of principle terminology, fact and development you need to be updated about the hardware, software, program, database, history, and other emerging Technology. It is very important if you are going to pursue your career into the corporate sector, especially IT companies or management. 

GK Questions for All Competitive Examinations– Science GK

There are multitude of aspects of GK that are covered in the Science Gk that includes subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Medicine, Health and technology and other scientific methods that include the information related to its advancement. 

Therefore if you are preparing for SSC, Railway and other government exams then get yourself prepared with science. 

GK Questions for All Competitive Exams – Kids GK

GK for kids has become a huge market these days as it is fun and helpful for the fact that children who are in their growing stage and learning to read and write can truly rely on it. Therefore there are many books, games or quizzes which are available that are particularly for the student or kids who are getting nurtured. Therefore, GK for Kids is also very helpful. 

GK Questions for All Competitive Examinations – History GK

This kind of GK comes in a specialized category that truly focuses on the historical information and the topic that it covers. Different aspect of history like modern History, medieval history, Ancient History, freedom movements, world war, notable treaties, historical artifacts, social and cultural history. Everyone who is a history enthusiast or people who are intrigued to know about their past should go through the history GK as it is not only important for your understanding and knowledge about the present that you are living rather it is also very helpful for the competitive exam that you are about to attend. 

GK Questions for All Competitive Exams – World GK

World GK is about knowing fact about the world as a whole. It includes a different range of topic that varies from history, geography, politics to international politics, development of Science and Technology and world organization therefore there is a huge aspect to cover in this. Therefore gold GK also plays a prime role if you are a student who is preparing for a different competitive exam. 

GK Questions for All Competitive Exams – Sports GK

Sports GK is also one such specified category where you need to focus on the sports related information. Athletes, players, sports events, rules and regulation, records and achievement, current sport affairs, or any other game that is going to be added in the chapter need to be read out. This gk questions for all competitive exams will help you target in an easy way therefore you should be informed about all these information at a regular interval. 

How Can You Improve General Knowledge?

How Can You Improve General KnowledgeThere are a lot of ways to improve your general knowledge like you can keep on reading books, referring articles on the internet and refer to any assignment or quiz app that keeps on refreshing its question as per your need and changes in the world. Phomo is one such quiz application that helps you boost Your knowledge of general knowledge as there are many segments of quizzes which are available for your attempt. The free, Live, Maha and Competitive exam quiz helps you with all the general knowledge questions that are going to come in your competitive exam. 


Having a grip over general knowledge is very vital therefore it helps to develop the ability and gain knowledge communicating effectively. If you are looking for a general knowledge quiz for competitive exams then formo is going to be the best reliable platform as it currates the question that helps to prepare well.