How to Play Phomo Quiz App – Tips and Tricks

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How to Play Phomo Quiz App

If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to play phomo quiz apps? You certainly landed on the right page. Coming up with four different patterns of quizzes that are free quiz, live quiz, premium quiz and Maha quiz. It aims to educate and entertain rewarding coins based on your rank. After validating your mobile number and entering into the app you will get to see the home page and the quiz you need to play. 

If you want to play all four different quizzes available you need to set your clock accordingly. As the Maha quiz is held once every week, the live quiz has a limited seat with unlimited fun and lice quizzes happen everyday with ceratain intervals. Therefore with proper tips and tricks you will be able to earn more coins and play more quizzes. 

What is Phomo App?

What is Phomo Quiz AppPhomo is an app that has a goal to build a sustainable future bringing out knowledgeable quizzes that have recognition of your talent. It has various kinds of curated quizzes which includes free, live and premium quizzes where you get education and entertainment at the same time. With every answer you are rewarded coins and it lets you win real cash as well in a week by playing Maha quiz games from different categories that can be from fun, prediction, movie, news, competitive exam etc. 

This quiz app also turns out to be a family pass time which can be educational if you play smart. It has a built-in quick uniform intelligence zone where your knowledge meets fun. 

App that Makes your IQ Awesome

App that Makes your IQThe app can contribute a lot to enhance your intelligence and give you the ability to think in an innovative and technical way. By engaging with the content on a regular basis you will get distillation of your brain which clearly will improve your ability for analysis of the information. Phomo quiz app is one such application that works to make your Iq awesome as it covers a diverse topic that covers general knowledge, brain trivia, subject areas and many more. Therefore these questions will let you expose yourself to new information on a daily basis. 

Phomo App Features

  • Free Quiz: Free quizzes are available on phomo app that can be played by a guest user as well. It is available in more than 20 categories that covers a diverse range of topic. 
  • Live Quiz: live quiz comes each day with new questions and Limited seats serving you unlimited fun. It gives you real reward which can be redeemed in less than 24 hours. 
  • Maha Quiz: Maha quiz comes once every week and it has a described seat of 100 where you can get a chance to win 10, 000 real cash by answering questions based on general knowledge and general science. 
  • Competitive Exam Quiz: Phomo brings out questions that have been specially curated for students who are preparing for bank, SSC, Railway or any other government examinations. You may find Maths, GK, and general trivia, quizzes which are made by experts where you stand a chance to win a reward on a daily basis. 

How does This App Work?

By login in the former quiz app with your mobile number and then verifying within OTP that has been received on the same number it clearly warrants your safety. After doing all the formalities it will take you to the homepage of the application from where you can choose the quiz you want to play. 

  • Download It For Free: you may download the former quiz app completely free from your App Store and get yourself registered with your phone number verifying it with an OTP. 
  • You can play as a Guest: after going on the home page you can play the quizzes as a guest as well without even getting yourself registered. 
  • Create Your Profile to Win Rewards: by playing as a guest you will not be able to access every premium feature of the phomp quiz app therefore by creating your profile you can win more rewards. 

How to Better from Other Quiz App

How to Better from Other Quiz ApplicationPhomo is one such quiz app that is different and better from many other quiz apps existing in the market. Phomo comes up with the expert curated question that prepares you for the competitive exams like Bank,  SSC, and Railway. 

It offers different kinds of quiz that can be played at regular intervals and it also rewards you on winning with the reward coins. This quiz app can easily be accessed from your app Store and is available 24/7 and all of which makes Phomo better than other quiz apps. 

How can I use Phomo app?

How can I use Phomo AppYou can use Phomo app by downloading it from your App Store and logging in from your phone number. It has been built with a kind of brain trivia which has curated questions that you need to answer. Phomo app brings the availability of four kinds of quiz which is free quiz, live quiz, Maha quiz and competitive exam quiz. It has bifurcation of two kinds of coins that are called play coins which is granted as a welcome login with which you can play the quizzes and reward coin play coins are and while playing live quiz. 

It also lets you have a one on one Battle with your competitor which you can play by giving 100 entry coins and cost you double of your coin by winning one two one battle challenge. Hence what are you waiting for? Just go to the Play Store, download the former quiz and increase your IQ level. 

Why Download the Quiz App?

Downloading a quiz app can help you entertain and learn at the same time as it comes up with various opportunities that provide exercise and stimulation to your brain. This engages you with different questions and gives you a personalized approach. 

You may download the phomo quiz app from the app store and start using it. Quiz app helps you align with your preference and expectation. It also comes as a casual way to pass your time and gives you a learning experience as well providing an interactive experience. 

How to Refer and Earn Money from Phomo

How to Refer and Earn Money from Phomo QuizPhomo quiz app lets you win some additional rewards as well and refer and earn is one such medium. The existing user is provided with a unique code which can be shared with contacts like friends or family and you may ask them to sign up with that particular referral code.

In case you will refer the app to your family and friends and they login with your referral it will help you earn 300 play coins additionally. Referring comes as a new way to mark your progress in the quiz app as Tips and tricks. 


Phomo quiz app comes up with many exciting opportunities and questions that are specially curated for the competitive examinations as well as from the general sources. You will be able to find all kinds of quizzes here which includes questions from fun, study, entertainment and movies where you can try your luck and knowledge. The tips and tricks for how to play Phomo quiz app can better be having a specified knowledge and being prompt with your timing as it helps you to boost the game. 

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