How to Use Phomo to Increase Revenue in 2024

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How to Use Phomo to Increase Revenue

If you are looking for how to use Phomo quiz app and increase revenue then you have landed on the correct page as it is one such quiz application that helps you play, win and repeat. With the Phomo you can ensure having a sustainable future as it not only gives a pure recognition to your talent but also help you win cash prizes up to 1 lakh every week by playing multiple quizzes. 

Let us understand the phomo quiz app working pattern and learn how it helps you increase revenue. 

Best Ways To Use Phomo

Best Ways To Use PhomoThe best way to use the Phomo app is to get yourself along with the features. It comes as a challenging past time for friends and family where they could act as each other’s contemporary. It is a smart game for the smart people hence, Phomo can be used in the best possible way to increase the level of your IQ. 

Go to your respective app store and install the Phomo app. After installing phomo you can either play it as a guest or can create a profile winning rewards. The best ways to use phomo is by playing the four quizzes available on the app. 

Free Quiz: With 25 available categories you may play this free quiz for absolutely free. 

Live Quiz: it helps every day at a regular interval. You will get new quizzes with each passing format and the seats are also limited. It’s on a first come and first grab basis. 

Maha Quiz: One such type of quiz that is held every week. It comes up with 100 seats where the players get to win a chance upto rs 10,000. 

Competitive Exam Quiz: if you are one such competitive exam aspirant then playing this quiz can prove to be a gamechanger. 

How to Increase Revenue?

Phomo is an online quiz app and also lets you earn an additional income and helps you in generating the revenue. If you are a student or a person who is looking for a way to generate an extra source of revenue in a fun way by not investing any capital then Phomo can be proved as a one stop destination. 

Phomo comes with a refer and earn model where you can refer to the app with your own generated code and whoever logins with that particular code gets a referral bonus. By playing all four different kinds of quizzes that are given on the form it will help you with rewards. It acts as a daily earn money app in India where it lets you explore through the knowledge that you can carry forward and when rewarded in exchange for the same. By playing Maha quiz that is held on the former you can also win cash and exciting prizes. Therefore, phomo quiz app is one such application that is the safest and the fastest money earning app without any investment involved. 

 How to Download Phomo App? The Feature of Phomo

If you were looking forward to downloading the former app there are a few simple steps that you need to follow. 

Visit your App store and search for Phomo quiz app and from there you can install or download it. You can either enter as a guest or sign up as a user later so that you can enjoy the platform and play the different types of quizzes that are available. All of them deal with an educational background of questions or one that is related to general knowledge of entertainment. You can enter the app by signing up with your mobile number and later validating it with an OTP to ensure further safety. 

Features of the Phomo Quiz App

  • Revenue: Phomo is one such quiz app that lets you generate an additional amount of revenue with its refer and on feature. By playing various types of quizzes you can also win coins differentiated as reward and play coins. Cash prizes are also kept for the Maha quiz that is held at a regular interval. 
  • Learning Platform: Phomo is not only a platform that helps you earn an additional income or generate revenue rather it is also an education based platform that helps you to showcase your skill and talent and win rewards as per your knowledge. 
  • Enhances Confidence: Confidence is one thing that shall be present into every human being therefore when you answer the questions on Phomo and that turns out to be right it helps you gain your lost confidence and boost your knowledge even more. 
  • Fill the Knowledge Vacuum: if it’s been many more years that you have left a regular academic education and are currently working as an employee for an organization. There is for sure a knowledge vacuum that has been present. Therefore, by answering the question of the Phomo you can regain the Lost confidence of yourself filling the gap of knowledge. 

Why to Use Phomo?

Phomo has certainly got a good scope in the future that is why you shall prefer using the Phomo app as it not only aims to gain popularity by making you earn a good amount of revenue rather it aims to educate and entertain you with fun loving and knowledgeable questions. If you are one among such students who are preparing for the competitive exam and want a break in between your study hours then Phomo quiz app can be a solution for the same as it not only helps in breaking up the monotonous routine rather in that process it also keeps you stick with the knowledgeable content that will help you to gain a good grip on the content in the future. 


If you are looking for ways to increase revenue, phomo can be the possible way. It helps you learn with fun and earn without any extra capital burn. The usage of the Phomo app is quite an easy task as it just takes two steps, starting from installing to logging in. The future scope is also broad as it helps you in grooming an area that brushes up your knowledge even more. You may play different variety of quizzes and build yourself stronger by playing on phomo.