Phomo for Competitive Entrance Exam: Why Should I Use It?

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Phomo for Competitive Entrance Exam

Do you know that you can use phomo for competitive entrance exam cracking? Yes, you read it right. Phomo is one such quiz application that comes up with the quiz questions which are specially prepared by the specialist and it is based on general awareness and general knowledge which boost your preparation a bit more. If you are someone who is preparing for the competitive entrance examinations or other government exams like SSC and banking, Phomo is definitely the right place. 

Secret Hacks to Crack Any Competitive Exams

Secret Hacks to Crack Any Competitive ExamsThere is no fixed science for cracking any competitive exams. The success clearly depends on the combination of time management strategy that you make and a thorough understanding of the exam pattern. Firstly, understanding the exam pattern and getting yourself familiarize with the types of questions and the scheme of marking helps you enhance your strategy of studying. Secondly, creating a realistic study schedule for covering all the topics and subjects and allocation of time to each of them helps you stand a step ahead. Thirdly,  prioritizing your topic and paying attention to the strengths and weaknesses helps to gain knowledge in depth. Fourthly, practicing regularly the previous your exam papers and getting yourself compatible with the present environment of exam. Last but not the least, staying informed and seeking guidance with the management of time with the proper notes help you beat the competition. 

Hard work has no substitute except a consistent effort therefore to know your knowledge and capability and work with that purview will help you accomplish the exam. 

Play Quiz and Win Cash Rewards Download

Play Quiz and Win Cash Rewards DownloadPhomo is one such application where you can play a quiz with different levels and win cash rewards. It promises to make your intelligent quotient awesome, it has a clear goal to provide a sustainable future through knowledgeable quiz building and recognition of your talent by rewarding it. 

Phomo quiz app offers four different kinds of quizzes that are Free quiz, Maha quiz, Live quiz and competitive exam quiz. Phomo gives out many exciting opportunities of playing and learning where students can come, play and answer the questions which are specially curated by our experts.

If you are preparing for competitive exams like SSC, bank, Railway and other government papers, Phomo offers you quizzes that are answerable in terms of general questions that prepares you well for competitive exams. You may play these quizzes and win the cash rewards by answering these questions well. By the end of every quiz you will get the right answers and match with your answers so that you know the mistake committed by you. As every question has been prepared well keeping in mind the upcoming competitive exam paper it will boost your preparation too. 

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What is the benefit and importance of a Mock Test?

Mock tests work as a sample exam paper which has different benefits in terms of competitive exam and evaluation of your knowledge. Let us look at the benefit and importance of attending a mock test. 

  • Assessment of Knowledge: with the help of a mock test,  the assessment of the understanding in the subject matter turns out really important. Therefore attempting a mock test helps you assess the same. 
  • Time Management Skill: Mock test comes in the same pattern as of your upcoming competitive exam whatever you are going to attempt therefore solving the paper helps you assess the time as well so that you can manage the same in your Upcoming exam. 
  • Stress Management: Having the nervousness related to exams comes naturally, therefore attempting a mock test clearly helps you know the level of the competitive exam you are going to attempt so that you can overcome doing better at your exam by handling your stress. 
  • Help you Understand your Weakness: Mock test comprises questions from every aspect and chapter which is important therefore solving the same helps you understand your weakness that where you are lacking behind and what you have to improve. 
  • Self Analysis: Mock tests help you to analyze yourself. When you attempt a variety of questions you get to see the strength and weakness of you with regard to each chapter. Therefore, a mock test is a kind of Self analysis that helps you know your positives and negatives. 
  • Revision: Mock test also can be seen as a type of revision where you can evaluate yourself on the things whatever you have learned till date. 

How Phomo Helps to Prepare for Competitive Exams

Phomo comes up with 4 different kinds of quizzes: free quiz, Maha quiz, live quiz and competitive exam quiz. Each and every quiz has a dedicated number of questions answering which will also help you win the reward with unlimited fun. This quiz app breaks the monotony of the continuous study which the competitors do and helps them settle in their own comfort way and answer questions by which their preparation chain is also not broken and they also get some free time simultaneously. 

Phomo also has a dedicated section of competitive exam quiz where the questions are curated in a way that they are entirely dedicated to the upcoming competitive entrance examination or any other government exam. The participant can also choose that section and attempt the given question that helps them to do better in their exams as they can match their answer with the right answer. Therefore if you are looking for one such application that not only proves to be fun but also prepares you for the competitive exam then Phomo is no less. 

How to Prepare For Entrance Exam: Find Exam Tips & Tricks

If you are preparing for a competitive and entrance exam it always comes with a disciplined approach therefore,you need to follow some of the general tips and tricks to achieve the same. 

1. Familiarizing with Exam Pattern: It is very important for you to know the exam pattern that you are going to attempt therefore looking into the previous year question papers and understanding the pattern of exam will help you crack it in an easy way. 

2. Creating a Study Plan: Creating a study plan according to the important chapters and sections and devoting respective time to each one of them will help you understand the importance of time management. 

3. Knowing what not to study: The time that is wasted will never come back hence by knowing the pattern of exam and creating a study plan will help you beat the same. Knowing what you don’t have to study is equally important than knowing what to study to help you refrain from wasting the time. 

4. Knowing the value of each Chapter: Each chapter that is going to come in your exam is important but the probability of the question that you get from them is entirely different. Therefore, you should very clearly know the value of each chapter. 

5. Practice Mock test: Practicing mock test will not only get you prepared for the upcoming competitive exam but also help you make the time management as it is entirely set with the pattern of exam that you are going to attempt. 

6. Make use of technology: Making use of the available technology is important as it helps you stay updated with the day to day happening. Phomo quiz app is one such application where the questions are curated based on the general knowledge and awareness from day to day happening and help you enhance your knowledge in a more greater way. 

7. Review Yourself: getting to know your preparation and evaluating yourself is equally important therefore you need to solve the mock test and give the quiz test in order to know the same. 


Phomo for competitive entrance exams is definitely worth it as it prepares you well by giving you a number of questions which you need to attempt with the right answers at the end for you to compare. Cracking up a competitive exam is not easy therefore you need to be updated with your tips and tricks to cover all the important chapters with a proper management of time. In the duration of this you also need to have a break from study for a specific amount of time and here comes phomo in picture. This quiz app offers you a one liner question with different options and you need to choose the right answer which not only Comforts your mind offering you fun and leisure but also prepares you well for the upcoming exams as the questions are assembled entirely in that way. Read more Quiz vs. Test vs. Exam: What is the difference? Therefore Phomo offers two benefits in a single app.