Quiz vs. Test vs. Exam: What is the difference?

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Quiz vs Test vs Exam

Quiz vs test vs exam are often used synonyms though there are some prominent differences between their meanings. Where quizzes are portrayed as short assessments that are well-designed to rate the performance of a student and his understanding of topics and concepts. Quiz is always one or two liner with multiple options or it can be in the form of a true or false choice. Phomo is one such application that allows you to attempt quiz and answer general questions that clearly test your general knowledge. 

Tests on the other side are wide assessments and cover different ranges of topics with a descriptive or objective pattern. They can vary in length and can be in the form of problem solving, questions, essays or short answers.

Exams on the other hand works as a tool that measures the student knowledge that he gained from all throughout his learning. 

General Implications of Quiz vs Test vs Exam

The implications of quiz vs test vs exam carry an implication for the learners and educators as well. 

Quizzes come as a formative assessment that provides an evaluation. It comes as a short term exam and rises up as a deep and final assessment. Quiz comes as a future of learning and teaching. 

Whereas tests are much of a broader perspective and are administered less frequently than quizzes which typically covers a unit and instructions. It usually gets conducted in a testing center or a classroom that covers a few portions of the whole syllabus. 

Exams on the other hand is a kind of comprehensive assessment that clearly puts a value on the understanding of students of the entire course. Covers a broader range of topics and not a specific portion as of the test. These are formal and the environment in which they are conducted is often controlled by an agency or an Exam Controller. 

What is a Quiz? 

What is a Quiz

Quiz is a brief assessment that clearly evaluates the understanding and knowledge of a person based on specific topic and subject. It is of a short duration and has a limited approach as compared with exams. In phomo the quizzes are almost one liner that brushes up your preparation of SSC, Bank, Railway asking relevant questions. 

The question of quiz can be of multiple choice, true false, short answer question and matching exercise format and it can be administered more frequently than test or exams. Quiz is very prompt and precise that offers a valuable component of the educational assessment toolkit, offering a focus and low -pressure way to assess the understanding and provides feedback on specific learning objectives. It is considerably low stakes that the result typically contributes less to overall course grade. 

What is a Test? 

What is a Test

Test is moreover a systematic examination that is conducted to test your knowledge, ability, quality and skill. It is usually taken to measure the student’s understanding and to evaluate the expert in a different and specific area. These are widely used in education, employment and various other fields to test the capability and the qualification talked about. 

Tests can be of various formats which may include multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blanks or can be in an open ended form. They can also come in the form of an image where you have to match the following with the given options. Talking about the length they can either be of as many number of questions as the examiner wants to give and are longer than a quiz. 

What is an Exam?

What is an Exam

Exam is a term which is used in educational institutions to compute and count the understanding of the students in their overall academic performance. These are designed to test the range of topics which is covered throughout an academic year and semester through a specific period of study. It covers a significant curriculum which requires the student to demonstrate their understanding of various topics and concepts. 

It plays a vital role in our education system and provides a comprehensive evaluation of a student’s understanding and proficiency in a given subject. It is usually conducted within a specified time frame  which not only tests the knowledge of a student but also looks at his or her ability to manage the time under the pressure. Exams include different kinds of questions which can be problem solving, essays, short answers, or multiple choice. These can also be conducted practically in labs. 


quiz vs test vs exam three peas in the same pod. The terms are quite similar and different at the same time. The distinctions can vary across the education system and the institution the person is enrolled into. It’s important to consider the context in which the terms are used over all quiz tests and exams that serve different purposes in the assessment and evaluation of students’ skill and knowledge. App is more of a one liner format with multiple choice of answers as the phomo quiz app does. Test includes the evaluation of a particular portion whereas exams comes out as more strict and covers entire syllabus. Join and Contact us for latest update!

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