What is Phomo? The Ultimate Guide for Students or Users

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What is Phomo

Phomo works as a quiz app that serves as a best quiz app for students. It ensures a sustainable future building a knowledgeable quiz platform that recognises your talent. It not only aims to educate but also entertains at the same time. It provides flexible and engaging study experience and contributes to a more dynamic and efficient learning process. Phomo quiz apps motivate the students to improve themselves by exposing them to a variety of questions. 

What is Phomo and How to Use It?

What is Phomo and How to Use ItPhomo is a quiz app that offers four different kind of quiz that is free quiz, live quiz, Maha quiz and premium quiz. It is a challenging family pass time that has a fun based quiz application where a user can play free and hourly live quiz shows in more than 25 categories and win real cash and rewards. 

After getting yourself logged in you may play the free quiz with the phomo coins in more than 25 categories. Maha quiz is held weekly and it has only 100 seats where you get a chance to win 10,000 real cash by answering simple questions. For the live quiz you need to gear up as it is held each day but has only a few seats. Phomo also offers a competitive exam quiz serving the best quiz app for students. It gives many exciting opportunities to play and learn and get a chance to win rewards on a daily basis. 

How to Play Phomo Quiz App?

How to Play Phomo Quiz AppYou may download the phomo quiz app from the app store and login by entering your mobile number and validating it by the OTP received at the same time to ensure safety. Playing as a guest is also allowed on the phomo quiz app where you will be taken to the app home page and from there you can start playing. In case of any confusion you can also go through the app description for clarity. 

Best Phomo Quiz App for Students

Best Phomo Quiz App for StudentsPhomo is the best quiz app for student who are preparing for various competitive examinations. It not only serves as a source of entertainment but also helps you chin up for the upcoming exams. if you are into the preparation of government exams like SSC, bank and Railway. It offer quizzes in more than 25 categories where you get a chance to win a real cash and reward. The quiz is held at regular intervals where you have fun and learn at the same time. 

The Phomo quiz app not only has a dedicated section for the competitive examination but the three other quizzes like free quiz, Maha quiz and live quiz also bring up questions that are created by the expert in regard to the preparation of the competitive examination. It not only helps in active learning but also in the assessment of knowledge that allows the student to assist their understanding on the particular subject and topic. The phomo quiz app is designed to be fun and interactive that makes the learning process enjoyable and also enhances the motivation of students who are likely to stick to their routine. 

It has a variety of question formats that helps the student practice time management anytime and anywhere. It’s serves as an effective tool that promotes learning and access knowledge providing a flexible and engaging study experience. 

The Feature of Phomo Quiz App

Phomo quiz app comes up with a variety of features that attracts the user to play and learn simulataneously. 

1. Free Quiz App

Free quiz can be played with the free phomo coins. This has more than 25 categories of quizzes that you can play and join. You have to choose the quiz pattern as per your interest. 

2. Live Quiz App

Live quiz is held giving you a real reward. It is held each day where new quizzes are made available to the participants. You may redeem the rewards in less than 24 hours. It has limited seats and reciprocates unlimited fun. 

3. Maha Quiz App 

Maha quiz is held once every week. This quiz category has 100 seats that lets you lean up on the greatest rewards. You just have to answer simple question and get a chance to win 10,000 real cash. 

4. Competitive Exam Quiz App

Relying as a best quiz app for students, phomo comes up with exciting opportunity that educates as well. If you are a student and is preparing for exams such as SSC, Bank, Maths and GK. It comes up with the expert curated questions where you can win reward daily. 

The Benefits of Phomo Quiz App

1. Facilitate Learning

Phomo facilitates learning. The questions on the app during live, Maha, Free and competitive quiz are created by the experts who are well sound with every aspect that helps in your preparation. 

2. Experience in Competitive Exams for Students

Phomo quiz app comes up with four different categories of quizzes. The competitive exam category prepares you well. The questions are sorted well keeping in mind Railway, SSC and bank examination. 

3. Play Online and Earn Money Quiz Competition for Everyone!

With phomo you can play the quiz online for free and earn hassle free money. Therefore if you want to generate an additional income online phomo quiz apps are going to be an Ultimate option. 

4. Quizzes Can Increase Students’ Motivation

he quizzes also increase the motivation of students as attempting questions and getting the right answers boosts confidence. In case you have given the wrong answer to the question, the app shows the right answer as well that helps grab motivation. 

5. Raise Confidence

The quiz app builds up the confidence of all the competitors. With every correct answer the bar is raised a bit up of knowledge and confidence. 

6. Revise Knowledge

It is beneficial for revision as well as the questions that are coming will be as per your choice of interest. Therefore, the prepared topic will be revised. 

7. Educational Quizzes are Less Stressful

The quiz app provide an entertaining and engaging way for the users that test users knowledge on various topic therefore, its supposed to be less stressful and equally prepared for the upcoming challenges in the competitive exam

8. Aids in Identifying Knowledge Gaps

The knowledge gap is lessened through the questions that come in the quiz. As it prepares you well in the topic you chose. 

9. Fun Online Quizzes Can Reduce Students Stress

Phomo not only comes as an education based platform but also entertains in its own way that breaks a monotonous routine of the student. Learning in a fun way reduces the stress and impacts for a long time. 


Phomo quiz app is a mixture of education, interaction and entertainment that is a versatile learning and fun loving platform. Phomo is the best quiz app for students that nourishes knowledge well. Therefore, it is a one stop destination for both ‘Learning and Earning’. With four different kind of quizzes, it has variety of benefits which aids in identifying the gap of knowledge and act as a best partner for the stressful.